B&B Cà Santo Spirito

A true taste of Venice

“Cà” is the abbreviation that the Venetians used to indicate home, especially of noble families, for us instead “Cà” has always meant only and simply home, that of the grandparents.

Spending the summer holidays in the house of grandparents had a special taste, had the taste of adventure because in Dorsoduro there were always hidden corners to discover, silent small streets, canals, gondolas, workshops of artists and a thousand signs of a romantic and fine past… and there was the warm and protective taste of the grandparents ‘ house, perfumed by the flowers of the court and homemade biscuits, sweetened by the evenings spent talking on the balcony and the sea breeze…

The small B&B Cà Santo Spirito is inside a historical building located in a wide and quiet street, the environment is familiar and welcoming, the rooms are equipped with all modern comforts but the atmosphere is that of an authentic Venetian House… the house of our Grandparents.

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